A Sports Bra that Works

I had the opportunity once to interview the winners of “The Biggest Loser.” One of my most memorable questions was asking them how it felt to move their body when everything starts to become loose and uncomfortable. The female winner said that having a supportive bra and clothes helped her breakthrough the discomfort of moving her body. It may be difficult for slender people to understand how uncomfortable it is to move your body when it’s large, especially your boobs. I hope no one sits on the sidelines because it hurts to move their body.

Without being crass, I want to be honest and open even if this article only helps only one person.

Awkward Teenage Years

I cried when I fit into a size D cup because I was afraid I would never stop growing bigger and saw other girls in high school PE that were larger and unable to run or be active due to the discomfort of their large boobs. From the first step as their boobs dove toward their belly button only to bounce back up to their neck. I used to wear 2 sports bras just to be able to move without feeling like my boobs were doing jumping jacks of their own. I hated how it felt and I felt helpless in my struggle although I saw other girls with the same issue.

Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow, can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier, do your boobs hang low?

I figured there were no solutions since other girls were also bouncing like crazy. I figured some were blessed with manageable breasts while i was doomed to either using 2 sports bras or being a couch potato (which would likely make my boobs and entire body even bigger and harder to move).


Getting a sports bra that worked for me instead of against me literally changed my outlook on being active. It changed my life as a teenager and continues to “support” my efforts, every time I work out. It helped me feel more comfortable moving my body in any direction I wanted. Jumping, skipping, flips on the trampoline, etc.  I have my mom to thank for searching high and low for solutions. Keep in mind that my mom is barely a B cup and could probably do all activities with one simple Walmart bra. I’m surprised that she put forth such effort to find me bras that I could jump around in, seeing as how it didn’t matter to her what she wore. I’m glad she empowered me with something as important as a sports bra.

Through unknown channels my mom discovered the company called, Title Nine Sports and bought me my first high impact sports bra.  I’m not that old, but there weren’t many “High Impact” bras back when I was a youth. Now I can go to a local store and find something halfway decent. What a difference a high impact, supportive bra makes. I remember getting the Title Nine catalog in the mail a couple times a year and dreaming of all the running, jumping and trampoline tricks I was going to do in the new bra I wanted to buy. I wanted to buy them all.

My favorite was when they started coming out with swimsuits that I could be active in too. I’m not a swimsuit side lines kind of girl. I want to play some sand volleyball in my swimsuit between swimming laps in the pool, or go water skiing. Before I bought a supportive bra it was so uncomfortable even riding on the ski boat, let alone getting in the water to ski. Now, I don’t even think twice about it.

Sometimes I look back to my youth and think what a miracle it is that I got the bras that I needed in order to participate in all sports. Although I didn't participate officially in high school sports, I played intramural sports in college, ran a marathon, 2 triathlons, 2 century bike rides and have participated in many other small events. None of this would have been possible without the right sports bra.

I took it upon myself, when I was in college and beyond, to educate all my roommates on proper sports bra and regular bra fittings. I will never forget the squeals of joy from one of my roommates when I bought her the “7 wonders Bra” and watched her run, skip and jump around the house for the first time without her boobs bouncing and hurting her back.

Finding a sports bra that works is one of the most important steps toward becoming a fit female. Do yourself a huge favor and get started today. There are many companies that provide high impact bras, but my favorite bras have come from Title Nine. 

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