Healthy Eating Pattern

As a Registered Dietitian I follow and encourage a research based healthy diet. Below you will find the USDA MyPlate Daily Checklist for an 1800 calorie diet. This can be really helpful to set as a goal as you seek to improve your health and reach a healthy weight for your body. In addition to this I have my own personal nutrition philosophy that I like to emphasize but it is still in accordance to the USDA guidelines. 


This is My Nutrition/Health Philosophy

  • A healthy diet is something you can do every day for the rest of your life. Anything else is not sustainable. 
  • You shouldn't lose more than 1-2 lbs/week
  • 1/2 plate (or more) fresh fruits and vegetables (usually those on sale tend to be in season and most fresh)
  • Whole grains (I tend to save these for quick snacks and breakfast)
  • I drink 1% milk and occasionally plant based "milk" like coconut, soy or almond milk
  • Eat meat sparingly (fish 1-2x/week, red meat 1-2x/month)
  • Abstain from alcoholic beverages, drugs and cigarettes
  • I don't support or promote popular diets or passing trends 
  • All foods fit in a healthy diet, some just need more space on our plate (vegetables should take up the most space on your plate since our culture typically eats grains as snacks)