Turn a Food Fight into a Party

26 Tips to Conquer Picky Eating

Do you feel like mealtimes at your house seem more like a food fight than a quiet or pleasant meal? As a Pediatric Dietitian I have been counseling parents with picky eating kids for years. I can totally relate now that I have my own kids. As I practice some of the same concepts that I've taught, I've learned a few things on this bumpy road of parenthood that I want to share with you. 


Mealtime can be overwhelming with kids

Throw in some picky eating and you've got yourself a hot mess.



Talk to your friends and you may find that most kids are picky eaters in some way. If picky eating is just typical kid behavior, then why do French kids eat tomatoes, lentils and radish and Korean kids eat kimchi and seafood? Maybe they know something we don't about getting kids to willingly eat food that is good for them. 



If you're tired of the power struggle at mealtimes and ready to get some real results with your kids then lets get to it. With a few tried and true tips in my book "How to Turn a Food Fight into a Party," you can find tools to get your kids started down the path to overcoming picky eating.